(A)   The Board shall have the authority to establish, maintain and amend, from time to time, membership requirements, rules, and fees governing access and use of the dog park.
   (B)   Membership shall be required to access and use the dog park.
   (C)   Members of the dog park are subject to all requirements, rules and conditions of the park as set forth by the Board, the City of Decatur Code of Ordinances, and state and federal laws and regulations.
   (D)   Members and their canines use the park facilities at their own risk.
   (E)   The following shall be prohibited at the dog park:
      (1)   Food: human or canine;
      (2)   Beverages other than water;
      (3)   Smoking or discarding of cigarette butts and/or tobacco products;
      (4)   Glass containers; and
      (5)   Pinch, prong and/or spike collars.
   (F)   Access and use of the dog park shall be prohibited for:
      (1)   Canines under the age of four months;
      (2)   Female canines in heat; and
      (3)   Aggressive or vicious canines defined in Chapter 90 of the City of Decatur Code of Ordinances, this chapter or as determined by the Adams County Animal Control or local law enforcement with jurisdiction in the City of Decatur.
   (G)   All canines must be up-to-date on all vaccinations for:
      (1)   Rabies;
      (2)   Distemper/Parvo virus; and
      (3)   Bordetella.
   (H)   Enforcement.
      (1)   Except as herein stated, violations of this section shall be enforced in accordance with Chapter 90 and/or Chapter 94 of the City of Decatur Code of Ordinances or any other applicable state or federal law.
      (2)   Violators may be subject to:
         (a)   Suspension or revocation of membership to the dog park;
         (b)   Fines of a minimum of $25 and not to exceed $500 per offense; and/or
         (c)   Prosecution.
(Ord. 2023-21, passed 11-8-2023)