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   (a)   A solid waste collection franchise may not be assigned, transferred, mortgaged, or pledged without the approval of the city council upon recommendation of the director. Minor amendments to a franchise, or approval of additional vehicles or equipment for use in the solid waste collection service, may be made by the director upon written request by a franchisee. An assignment, transfer, mortgage, or pledge of the franchise, or an amendment that substantially changes the scope, terms, or obligations of the franchise, must be applied for in the same manner as the original franchise.
   (b)   Before any vehicle not listed in the application for a solid waste collection franchise may be placed in service, the franchisee must notify the director of the proposed use of a new or additional vehicle, obtain a decal for the vehicle, and display a valid decal on the vehicle as required by this article.
   (c)   If an assignment or transfer is approved, the director shall issue new decals for the solid waste collection vehicles used by the assignee or transferee upon payment of the next installment of the franchise fee owed. (Ord. Nos. 21058; 21163; 24743; 26480; 26608)