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   (a)   To obtain a solid waste collection franchise, a person must submit an application on a form provided for that purpose to the director. The applicant must be the person who will own, control, or operate the proposed solid waste collection service. The application must be acknowledged by a notary public and contain the following information:
      (1)   the applicant’s name, address, and notarized signature;
      (2)   the form of business of the applicant, and, if the business is a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, or unincorporated association, a copy of the documents establishing the business;
      (3)   a description of any past business experience of the applicant, particularly in providing solid waste collection service, and an identification and description of any revocation or suspension by the city, or by any other governmental entity, of a solid waste collection license, franchise, or similar authorization held by the applicant or business before the date of filing the application;
      (4)   the number and description of vehicles the applicant proposes to use in the operation of the solid waste collection service, including year, make, model, motor identification number, and state license registration number for each vehicle;
      (5)   a description of the proposed solid waste collection service;
      (6)   documentary evidence from an insurance company indicating a willingness to provide liability insurance as required by the city in the franchise ordinance;
      (7)   documentary evidence of payment of ad valorem taxes owed on the real and personal property to be used in connection with the operation of the proposed solid waste collection service if the business establishment is located in the city; and
      (8)   such additional information as the applicant desires to include to aid in the determination of whether the requested franchise should be granted.
   (b)   The director is authorized to make any additional investigation as is necessary to verify the truth of the information contained in the application and to determine if the applicant meets the requirements of this article and the standard franchise ordinance required by the city. (Ord. Nos. 21058; 21163; 24743; 26480; 26608)