EDITOR'S NOTE: The Charter was adopted by the electors of the Village of Cuyahoga Heights on August 2, 1919, to become effective January 1, 1920. The original section numbers have been changed by the editors and their disposition is indicated in the Comparative Section Table following this Table of Contents. Dates in parentheses at the end of a section indicate that the section was enacted as amended on the date given.
      Sec. 1.   General Powers.
      Sec. 2.   Charter Powers.
      Sec. 3.   Income Tax; Approval of Electors. (11-5-68)
      Sec. 4.   Sewer User Charges and Stormwater Fees. (11-4-75; 11-6-12) 
      Sec. 1.   Elective Officials. (11-5-68; 11-4-08; 5-5-09; 11-8-16)
      Sec. 1A.   Qualifications for Office of Clerk.  (11-4-08)
      Sec. 1B.   Vacancy in Office of Clerk During the Term of Office.  (11-4-08)
      Sec. 2.   Vacancies. (11-5-68; 5-5-09)
      Sec. 2A.   Vacancies on Council During the Term of Office.  (11-4-08)
      Sec. 3.   Special Municipal Elections. (11-5-68; 5-5-09)
      Sec. 4.   Duties and Powers. (11-5-68; 5-5-09) 
      Sec. 5.   Qualifications for Elected Office.  (11-4-08)
      Sec. 1.   Organization of Council.
      Sec. 2.   Provision for Employees. 
      Sec. 1.   Council Powers. 
      Sec. 2.   Salaries and Compensation of Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Safety Personnel. (11-4-03)
      Sec. 1.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
      Sec. 2.   Veto by Mayor.
      Sec. 3.   Publication.
      Sec. 4.   Appointment and Promotion of Firemen and Policemen. (11-5-68) 
      Sec. 1.   Procedure. 
      Sec. 1.   Annexation to Village.
      Sec. 2.   Detachment.
      Sec. 3.   Annexation of Village. 
      Sec. 1.   Procedure. 
      Sec. 1.   Effective Date.