(a)    Landowners of property located outside the territorial metes and bounds of the City, or those holding a proper legal interest in such land, and who are not presently being served by the City's water utility system, may receive such water service upon acquiring the approval of Council and the City Service Director, pursuant to Article 18 of the Ohio Constitution and Ohio R. C. Chapter 743 and upon agreeing to annex the land to the City.
   (b)    It is hereby declared to be the express policy of the City that water from the City's water utility system shall be provided only to those properties outside of the City whose owners hold a proper legal interest in such land and annex the land to be so served with water to the City.
   (c)    If Council and the Service Director so agree, pursuant to the provisions of subsection (a) hereof, water may by ordinance be provided to the land, pending the annexation of the territory to be served upon such conditions as established by the Service Director and approved by Council.
(Ord. 100-1982. Passed 6-28-82.)