Sec. 13-6-150.   Penalties for liens and foreclosure proceedings.
   (a)   By authority of 31-20-105, C.R.S., any municipality may cause any or all delinquent charges levied to be certified to the County Treasurer and be collected and paid by the County Treasurer in the same manner as taxes are authorized by this Chapter.
   (b)   Each water charge levied shall be a lien therewith, and if the same is not paid within ninety (90) days after it becomes due and payable, the City Manager shall certify such unpaid rates or charges to the County Treasurer, to be placed upon the tax list for the current year, to be collected in the same manner as other taxes are collected, with ten-percent penalty thereon to defray the cost of collection. The same shall be collected and paid over by the County Treasurer to the City in the same manner as taxes are authorized to be paid by all laws in the State. Such delinquent water charges may also be certified to the Board of Trustees or County Commissioners and shall become a lien upon the real property served by such water connection and collected in the same manner as though they were part of the taxes.
   (c)   Except as specifically amended herein or in conflict with any provisions hereof, all of the provisions of Ordinance No. 183 and Ordinance No. 184, as amended, and any subsequent ordinances or resolutions amending such ordinances, shall remain in full force and effect.
(Ord. 334 § 6.16, 2005; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)