Sec. 13-6-60.   Water resource fee.
   (a)   This is a one-time fee charged to development annexing to the City after January 1, 2005, or for water supplied outside the City limits pursuant to an agreement. This fee is to cover the cost of water rights needed to supply the subject development. At the City's discretion, the proposed development may be required to furnish adequate water rights to the City; in which case, the water resource fee will be waived.
   (b)   Water resource fees will be assessed to the developer as a condition of annexation or commitment to serve unless otherwise approved by the Board of Trustees in writing. The water resource fee will be based on the EQR schedule given in Table 6.4.1 at the rate given in Appendix A, Schedule of Rates and Fees, a copy of which is available at the City Manager's office.
(Ord. 334 § 6.6, 2005; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)