Sec. 13-5-40.   Permits required.
   (a)   The right to take and use water distributed and the right to discharge sanitary sewage or storm sewage through the facilities of the City shall exist only under permit, and no physical connection may be made or modified to any such facilities or to any privately or publicly owned extension hereof for any purpose unless a permit has first been obtained authorizing the use for which such a connection is to be made.
   (b)   Notwithstanding the issuance of a permit, the City reserves the full power and authority to determine all matters in connection with the control and use of water from the water system.
   (c)   Separate permits.
      (1)   No water user in or upon any premises to which water is supplied under a permit for such premises shall supply or allow water to be supplied for use on any other premises unless a permit for use on such other premises has been procured. Nor shall any sewer user similarly allow discharge of wastes generated from offsite property to a sewer connection located on his or her property.
      (2)   A permit is required for each and every building using water and/or discharging sewage.
      (3)   The water and sewer service lines to any structure served by the City must be independent of the service to any other structure, except where the structures involved comprise an undivided unit with no potential for separate ownership. Individual water service and meters will be required for each individual owner, unless the Board of Trustees has granted specific exemption.
   (d)   Increased service for existing customers.
      (1)   Any water customer or owner expanding his or her buildings or otherwise increasing water demands must apply for a modified permit, whether or not an increase in service pipe size is determined to be required.
      (2)   Any sewer customer or owner expanding his or her building, or otherwise increasing sewage flows so that the number of equivalent units will be increased, must apply for a modified permit, whether or not the actual size is increased.
      (3)   In these cases, the owner shall pay incremental system development fees at the rate in effect at the time the modified permit is issued.
   (e)   Transfer of permits.
      (1)   Permits attach to the designated premises only. They are not affected by changes in the ownership of the licensed premises and are usable only in accordance with the terms of the permit.
      (2)   Neither permits nor the associated system development fees are transferable to other properties.
(Ord. 334 §5.4, 2005)