Sec. 13-4-70.   Sump pumps and other illegal devices.
   No plumbing fixture, device, construction or plumbing system shall be installed within any building or improvement which will provide a connection between the sanitary sewer system of the City, directly or indirectly, or with a sewer service line for the purpose of draining ground or surface waters into the sanitary sewer system of the City. No physical connection shall be permitted whereby a sewer service line is connected to a sump pump or other facility in such a manner that, through the manipulation of valves, because of lack of back pressure valves, or because of any other arrangement, it is possible to drain flood, overflow, drain, storm or groundwater directly or indirectly into the sewer system of the City. Any person having connected, or permitting to be connected, such a forbidden system to a service line or the main sewer line of the City may be summarily ordered to disconnect such forbidden device or pumping system at his or her cost; and, upon failure to do so, the City may forthwith disconnect any sewer line from the property containing such a forbidden device or pumping system at the mainline sewer of the City, the cost of which shall be a lien and charge against the property involved. No sewer service line shall thereafter be connected to the sewer system of the City without payment of all disconnection fees to the City and costs and expenses of the City relative thereto, and positive proof that such improper illegal connection or device has been removed and will not thereafter be reconnected to the sanitary sewer system of the City.
(Ord. 334 §4.3, 2005)