Sec. 13-3-90.   Unauthorized connections and fees.
   No person shall be allowed to connect to the sewer or water systems, or to enlarge or otherwise change equipment, service or use of property without prior payment of System Development Fees, approval of an application for service, and adequate supervision and inspection of the taps by City employees. Any such connection, enlargement or change shall be deemed an unauthorized connection. Upon the discovery of any unauthorized connections, the then-current System Development Fees shall become immediately due and payable, and the property shall automatically be assessed an unauthorized connection fee. The unauthorized connection fee is an amount equal to twice the then-current System Development Fees that would be due for such property. The City shall send written notice to the owner of the property benefited by such connections stating that an unauthorized connection has been made between the owner's property and the City facilities. The owner shall then have ten (10) days from the date of the notice to pay the then-current System Development Fees. If that fee is paid within the ten-day period, the City shall waive the unauthorized connection fee. In the event the then-current System Development Fees are not paid within the ten-day period, a notice of revocation of service shall be sent and service shall be disconnected pursuant to Section 13-3-110 below. Once discontinued, service may be returned to the property only upon receipt by the City of both the unauthorized connection fee and the then-current System Development Fees, and any turn-on/turn-off fees, service charges or any other charges that my be due, the City also reserves such rights of foreclosure as may be provided by law for the collection of unpaid fees and charges of the City.
(Ord. 334 §3.9, 2005)