Sec. 13-3-40.   Application for service.
   (a)   An application for service must be filed with the City on forms provided by the City and accompanied by appropriate fees prior to any action to connect to the system. Only upon authorized approval of the application and a receipt therefor may a connection to the system be made. The location of the water meter and the remote reading device (if required) shall be indicated on all applications for service.
   (b)   If a fire protection water sprinkler system is to be used, a plan of the system is to accompany the application and is subject to the approval of the City. All fire sprinkler systems shall meet NFPA requirements and additionally shall meet the requirements of all applicable fire protection, City, County and State building and fire protection codes. If a water sprinkler system for lawn irrigation is to be used, it must be on a metered service.
   (c)   No taps will be permitted or made during nonbusiness hours without specific, written approval of the City Manager.
   (d)   All information requested on the tap application form must be completed, and a diagram of the meter and tap location preference shall be provided. Should any information disclosed on the application prove at any time to be false, or should the applicant omit any information, the City shall have the right to reassess the System Development Fees originally charged at the rate current to the discovery by the City of the false or omitted information, disconnect the service in question, back-charge the property in question for service fees that may be due and owing, and/or charge any other or additional fee or penalty specified in this Chapter. Any reassessment shall be due and payable, together with any penalties or other additional fees charged, and interest at the maximum legal rate on the entire balance, upon and from the date of the original application.
(Ord. 334 § 3.4, 2005; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)