Sec. 13-2-30.   Ownership of facilities.
   (a)   All existing and future regional and local facilities connected with, and forming an integral part of, the City's system and accepted for operation and maintenance pursuant to this Chapter shall become and are the property of the City, unless any contract with an owner or customer provides otherwise. Said ownership will remain valid whether the lines and treatment works are constructed, financed, paid for or otherwise acquired by the City, or by other persons.
   (b)   That portion of all existing or future services lines extending from the water meter or sewer main line to each unit or building for each customer that is connected with and forms an integral part of the City's water or sewer system shall become and is the property of the owner/customer. This principle shall not be changed by the fact that the City might construct, finance, pay for, repair, maintain or otherwise affect the customer's service line. The construction of, and connection of, any service line shall be done in compliance with this Chapter. The owner/customer's ownership of the service line shall not entitle the customer to make unauthorized uses of the City's systems once the service line has been connected to a City main line. All uses of the service line or any appurtenances thereto at any time after the initial connection to the City system shall be subject to this Chapter.
   (c)   Notwithstanding the above, all water meters and curb valves shall become and are the property of the City after acceptance of such meters and curb valves for maintenance by the City. Said ownership shall remain valid whether the meters and/or curb valves are installed, financed, paid for, repaired or maintained by another person or whether the meters and/or curb valves are located on privately owned and maintained service lines, in privately owned areas.
(Ord. 334 §2.3, 2005)