Sec. 13-2-20.   Limitation of liability.
   (a)   It is expressly stipulated that no claim for damages shall be made against the City by reason of the following: blockage in the system causing the backup of effluent; damage caused by "smoking" of lines to determine drainage connections to City lines; breakage of water or sewer main lines by City personnel; interruption of water or sewer service and the conditions resulting therefrom; breaking of any collection or service line, pipe, valve or meter by any employee of the City; failure of the water supply; shutting off or turning on water; making of connections or extensions; damage caused by water running or escaping from open or defective faucets; burst service lines and other facilities not owned by the City; damage to water heaters, boilers or other appliances resulting from shutting water off, or for turning it on, or from inadequate or sporadic pressures; or for doing anything to the systems of the City deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees or its agents.
   (b)   The City shall have no responsibility for notification to customers of any of the foregoing conditions. The City reserves the right to discontinue temporarily service to any property at any time for any reason deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board of Trustees. The City shall have the right to revoke service to any property for violations of this Chapter in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Chapter.
(Ord. 334 §2.2, 2005)