Sec. 13-1-50.   Intent of construction.
   It is intended that this Chapter shall be liberally construed to effect the general purposes set forth herein, and that each and every part thereof is separate and distinct from all other parts. No omission or additional material set forth in Chapter shall be construed as an alteration, waiver or deviation from any grant of power, duty or responsibility, or limitation or restriction, imposed or conferred upon the Board of Trustees by virtue of statutes now existing or subsequently amended, or under any contract or agreement existing between the City and any other governmental entity. Nothing contained herein shall be so construed as to prejudice or affect the right of the City to secure the full benefit and protection of any law which is now enacted or may subsequently be enacted by the Colorado General Assembly pertaining to the governmental or proprietary affairs of the City.
(Ord. 334 §1.5, 2005)