Sec. 2-9-20. Members.
   The policies and procedures of the PZC shall be developed by the PZC and approved by the Board of Trustees. The PZC shall consist of five (5) members, composed of the Mayor and a member of the governing body as ex officio members and three (3) persons appointed by the Board of Trustees. All members shall be entitled to vote and act with the full authority and powers set forth in this Article 9. All members shall be bona fide residents of the Municipality. The term of each appointed member shall be four (4) years, and the term of the members of the governing body will end with their respective term expiration. Failure by any member to attend three (3) or more meetings in any calendar year, or any other action or inaction that renders a member incapable of performing the duties conferred upon that member by virtue of the appointed position, shall constitute grounds for removal of said member. Removal of any PZC member shall be by majority vote of the Board of Trustees.
(Ord. 421 § 1, 2020)