Sec. 18-6-10.   Adoption.
   Pursuant to the power and authority conferred by Section 31-16-201, et seq., C.R.S., there is adopted as the fire code for the City, by reference thereto, the International Fire Code, 2003 edition, and all appendices and tables thereto, published by the International Code Council Inc., 4051 West Flossmoor Road, Country Club Hills, Illinois, 60478-5795. The purpose of the adopted code is to regulate and govern the safeguarding of life and property from fire and explosion hazards arising from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the occupancy of buildings and premises as herein provided; to provide for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor; and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City.
(Ord. 347 §1, 2008)