Sec. 2-7-40.   Order of procedure.
   (a)   In all quasi-judicial hearings, the following order of procedure shall be followed:
      (1)   Presentation of those documents showing the regularity of the commencement of the proceedings and the form of the public notice given.
      (2)   Presentation of evidence by the applicant, petitioner, appealing party or complainant.
      (3)   Presentation of evidence in support of the applicant, petitioner, appealing party or complainant by any other person.
      (4)   Presentation of evidence from any person opposing the application, petition, appeal or complaint.
      (5)   Presentation of evidence in opposition or rebuttal to the matters presented by the opposition.
   (b)   All documents or other items of physical evidence shall be marked as exhibits with such identifying symbols as may be necessary to determine the exhibit referred to by any witness or other person.
(Prior code 2-9-4)