Sec. 2-5-40.   Duties of police officers.
   All members of the Police Department shall have power and duties as follows:
   (1)   They shall perform all duties required by the Chief of Police.
   (2)   They shall suppress all riots, disturbances and breaches of the peace, apprehend all disorderly persons in the City, and pursue and arrest any persons fleeing from justice in any part of the State.
   (3)   They shall be the enforcement officers of the City and shall see that the provisions of this Code and the laws of the State are complied with. They shall arrest without process all persons engaged in the violation in their presence of any provision of this Code or the laws of the State. Upon such arrest, they shall forthwith convey such offenders before the proper officer to be dealt with according to law; provided, however, that they may incarcerate any person they arrest at a late and unusual hour of the night until the following morning; and provided further that, in the special cases relating to traffic offenses, they may release an arrested person upon his or her written promise to appear in court.
   (4)   They shall report such offenses as may come to their knowledge to the proper City officials or they shall report the same to the Municipal Judge, securing a warrant for the arrest of offenders when desirable.
   (5)   They shall execute and return all writs and processes directed to them by the Municipal Judge in any case arising under a City ordinance, and they may serve the same in any part of the County.
   (6)   They shall observe the condition of the streets, sidewalks and alleys of the City and of any obstruction, nuisance or impediments therein, and shall take necessary measures to remove or abate the same
(Prior code 2-10-4; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)