Sec. 2-4-110.   Sessions generally.
   (a)   There shall be regular sessions of the Municipal Court for the trial of cases as may be scheduled by the Municipal Judge, with the consent and approval of the Board of Trustees. The Municipal Judge may, in his or her discretion, hold special sessions of Court at any time, including Sundays, holidays and evenings. In case of any conflict between the Municipal Judge and the Board of Trustees as to said hours, the decision of the Board of Trustees shall govern. All sessions shall be open to the public.
   (b)   Where the nature of the case is such that it would be in the best interest of justice to exclude persons not directly connected with the proceedings, the Municipal Judge may order that the courtroom be cleared.
(Prior code 5-1-13, 5-1-14; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)