Sec. 18-7-30.   Definitions.
   Correlated color temperature means the associated color depending on the amount of Kelvins (see Kelvin).
   Fixture means a complete lighting unit, consisting of a lamp or lamps together with the parts designed to distribute the light, to position and protect the lamps and to connect the lamps to the power. When used, it includes ballasts and photocells.
   Full cutoff fixture means a luminaire designed and installed where no light is emitted at or above a horizontal plane running through the lowest point on the fixture.
   Fully shielded means a lighting fixture constructed in such a manner that all light emitted by the fixture, either directly from the lamp or a diffusing element, or indirectly by reflection or refraction from any part of the luminaire, is projected below the horizon.
   Kelvin means a unit used to determine color temperature, which is the intensity of a light's output and its appearance. The scale for Kelvins is 1,000K - 10,000K.
   Lamp means the generic term for an artificial light source, to be distinguished from the whole assembly (see definition of fixture). Commonly referred to as bulb.
   Light pollution means any adverse effect of human made light including, but not limited to, light trespass, up lighting, overly bright lighting, the uncomfortable distraction to the eye, or any human made light that diminishes the ability to view the night sky.
   Light trespass means light projected across property lines or into the public right-of-way when it is not required or permitted to do so.
   Lumen means a unit used to measure the amount of light that is produced by a light source. The lumen qualifies the amount of light energy produced by a lamp at the lamp, not by the energy input, which is indicated by the wattage. One foot-candle means one (1) lumen per square foot of area illuminated.
   Luminaire means a light fixture or electrical lighting unit that houses a bulb.
   Outdoor lighting means temporary or permanent lighting that is installed, located or used in such a manner to cause light rays to shine outdoors. Fixtures that are indoors that are intended to light something outside are considered outdoor lighting for the purpose of this Article.
   Temporary lighting means lighting that is associated with a special event or holiday.
   Uplighting means fully shielded lighting that is directed in such a manner as to shine light rays above the horizontal plane. (Ord. 433 § 1, 2021)