Sec. 11-1-30.   Disposal of snow and ice in the Willow Creek Flume prohibited.
   (a)   Purpose and scope. The purpose of this Article is to prohibit the disposal of snow and ice by any responsible party in the Willow Creek Flume and to provide for penalties associated with the violations of this provision.
   (b)   Definitions. The following definitions shall apply herein:
      Period of time means a twenty- four-hour period from the point in time that snow, as defined herein, commences to fall or that point in time when an accumulation of snow creates a hazardous condition, whichever comes sooner.
      Responsible party means any person, partnership, corporation or other legal entity against which action may be taken for violation of this Article.
      Snow means any form of precipitation in the frozen form, be it snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain or a build-up and accumulation of any of the foregoing, causing a hazardous condition to persons attempting to use the sidewalk.
   (c)   Penalty. (Ord. 420 § 1, 2020)