Operation Generally
   71.01   Required position and method
   71.02   Authority to place turning markers; obedience to markers
   71.03   Authority to place signs restricting turns
   71.04   Obedience to no-turn signals
   71.05   Limitations on U-turns
   71.06   Authority to place signs for one-way streets and alleys
   71.07   One-way streets and alleys
   71.08   Authority to restrict direction of movement on streets during certain periods
   71.09   Vehicle entering stop intersection
   71.10   Vehicle entering yield intersection
   71.11   Emerging from alley, driveway or building
   71.12   Stop when traffic obstructed
   71.13   Obedience to railroad crossing signals
   71.14   Funerals, parades and processions
   71.15   Parade permit required
   71.16   Driving prohibited on sidewalks, curbs or safety zones
   71.17   Limitations on backing
   71.18   Required obedience to traffic code
   71.19   Warning signal at crossing
   71.30   Immediate notice of accidents
   71.31   Vehicle accident reports by operators, law enforcement officers and agencies
   71.32   When driver unable to report accident
   71.33   Confidentiality of accident reports
Speed Regulations
   71.45   Speed restrictions
   71.46   Regulation of speed by traffic signals
   71.47   Speed limit in Devou Park
   71.60   Use of roller skates, toy vehicles on streets prohibited
   71.61   Opening and closing vehicle doors
   71.62   Clinging to vehicles
   71.63   Controlled-access roadways
   71.64   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.65   Unlawful riding
   71.66   Driving over new pavement prohibited
   71.67   Peddling wares from vehicles prohibited
   71.68   Causing injury to streets prohibited
   71.69   Driving or parking in certain areas prohibited
   71.99   Penalty