(A)   No driver of a vehicle shall drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral or other authorized procession while they are in motion and when such vehicles are conspicuously designated as required in this traffic code. This provision shall not apply at intersections where traffic is controlled by traffic- control signals or police officers.
   (B)   Each driver in a funeral or other procession shall drive as near the right-hand edge of the roadway as practicable and shall follow the vehicle ahead as close as is practicable and safe.
   (C)   A funeral composed of a procession of vehicles shall be identified as such by the display upon the outside of each vehicle of a pennant or other identifying insignia and all cars shall drive with their headlights on.
(1984 Code, § 72.14)  (Ord. O-34-67, passed 5-25-1967)  Penalty, see § 71.99