A.   In addition to the other requirements of this part, no person shall proceed to make or fill any excavation without first obtaining an excavation permit from the City Engineer. The written application for an excavation permit shall state the applicant's name, address, phone number and principal place of business, the location and dimensions of the installation or removal, the approximate size of the excavation to be made, the purpose of the facility, the approximate time which will be required to complete the work including backfilling the excavation and removing all obstructions, material and debris, and the other pertinent information deemed necessary by the City Engineer. The application shall be submitted to the City Engineer and if approved, the City Engineer may order the issuance of the excavation permit. The City Engineer shall keep records of all excavation permits issued for one year after issuance.
If the excavation is within three hundred fifty feet (350') of a signalized intersection, the application must also be reviewed by the traffic engineering division.
   B.   An excavation permit shall not be required for excavations in streets the City has not accepted for maintenance, unless within three hundred fifty feet (350') of a signalized intersection. An excavation permit shall be required for a plumber licensed in accord with this Code when the plumber is installing water, wastewater or gas service lines from a private property line to a structure on the property.
   C.   The City Engineer shall make reasonably necessary inspections to enforce this part and may charge appropriate inspection fees, boring fees, and permit fees.
   D.   The Manager may charge appropriate fees for pavement degradation. (1968 Code §10-107; Ord. 74-56; Ord. 85-214; Ord. 98-228; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 02-29; Ord. 02-43)