A.   Heavy duty pavement breakers may be prohibited by the City Engineer when the use endangers existing substructures or other property.
   B.   All existing concrete that is within the public right of way such as sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter and cross pans shall be saw cut if removal is called for and in the case of cross gutters or driveways, dowels may be required by the City.
   C.   Approved cutting of bituminous pavement surface ahead of excavations may be required by the City to confine pavement damage to the limits of the trench.
   D.   Sections of sidewalks, curb and gutter shall be removed to the nearest score line or joint.
   E.   Unstable pavement shall be removed over caveouts and overbreaks and the subgrade shall be treated as the main trench.
   F.   Pavement edges shall be trimmed to a vertical face and neatly aligned with the centerline of the trench by using saw cut method prior to patching. Patching shall conform to current City specifications.
   G.   Cutouts outside of the trench lines must be normal or parallel to the trench line for all laterals and services. Valve casings are excluded.
   H.   Boring or other methods to prevent cutting of pavement may be required by the City.
   I.   The excavator shall not be required to repair pavement damage existing prior to excavation unless the cut results in small floating sections that may be unstable, in which case the excavator shall remove and pave the area. Patching shall be in accord with current City specifications and shall conform to line and grade of existing surface.
   J.   Any cut in a paved or overlaid street that is less than three (3) years old shall require a special application from the excavator to the City. The application shall state why the new street must be cut. If permission is granted, the City will require a six inch (6") concrete slurry mix to be placed in lieu of base course if the cut is equivalent of one hundred (100) square feet or less.
   K.   All laterals from a main trench on a street that is less than three (3) years old or overlaid within three (3) years of date of application for street cut shall be repaired with a six inch (6") concrete slurry mix in lieu of base course. (1968 Code §10-112; Ord. 74-56; Ord. 85-214; Ord. 01-42)