A.   The excavator shall maintain all gutters free and unobstructed for the full depth of the adjacent curb and for at least one foot (1') in width from the face of the curb at the gutter line. Whenever a gutter crosses an intersecting street, an adequate waterway shall be provided and at all times maintained.
   B.   The excavator shall make provisions to take care of all surplus water, muck, silt, slickings or other runoff pumped from excavations or resulting from slicing or other operations and shall be responsible for any damage resulting from its failure to so provide.
   C.   The excavation work shall be performed and conducted so as not to interfere with access to fire hydrants, fire stations, fire escapes, water gates, underground vaults, traffic signal controllers, valve housing structures and all other vital equipment as designated by the City. (1968 Code §10-111; Ord. 74-56; Ord. 85-214; Ord. 01-42)