Permanent resurfacing of excavations can be made by the City at the expense of the excavator if requested on the application. The excavator shall provide that the top surface of the compacted backfill be covered with two inches (2") of bituminous temporary resurfacing material before the trench is opened to traffic. The temporary paving material may be cold mix. All temporary paving material shall conform closely enough to the level of the adjoining paving surface and shall be compacted so that it is hard enough and smooth enough to be safe for pedestrian travel over it as well as for vehicular traffic to pass safely over it at a legal rate of speed. The excavator shall maintain temporary paving for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days after all backfilling is completed.
If it is not possible to maintain the surface of the temporary paving in a safe condition for pedestrian travel or vehicular traffic, then the excavator shall maintain barriers and lights where required in accord with the MUTCD. The excavator shall notify the City that the trench is ready for permanent resurfacing by returning one copy of the permit form.
In the case of failure or settlement of any repaired or new excavation made by the excavator which in the opinion of the City endangers the safety of the pedestrian or motoring public, the excavator shall cause emergency repairs or barricading to be made within two (2) hours after notification. Should the excavator fail to repair or barricade within the specified time limit, the City will cause the emergency repairs or barricading to be accomplished and will bill the responsible party for their cost with a minimum charge per trip to be twenty five dollars ($25.00) and an additional charge for barricades that remain over twenty four (24) hours. (1968 Code §10-115; Ord. 74-56; Ord. 85-214; Ord. 01-42)