A.   Within two (2) business days after the day a licensed excavator gives notice of intent to excavate, the City shall advise the excavator of the location and size of underground facilities in the proposed excavation area by marking the location of the facilities by clearly identifiable markings within eighteen inches (18") horizontally from the exterior sides of the facilities together with the depth, if known. Nothing herein shall be deemed as waiving the City's immunities provided under the Governmental Immunity Act or other State law.
   B.   If the information in subsection A of this section is not provided within two (2) business days or at another time as agreed between the City and excavator, or if the information provided fails to identify the facilities in accord with subsection A of this section, the excavator may proceed except as otherwise provided by law or regulation.
   C.   When possible and without assuming any additional liability for its actions, the City may assist the excavator in exposing underground facilities and locating privately owned gas, electric, water and wastewater service lines running from the main line to individual structures on private property.
   D.   Nothing in this section shall relieve the excavator of its responsibility to locate utilities prior to excavation in accord with Colorado Revised Statutes section 9-1.5-101 et seq. (Ord. 85-214; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 03-72)