1.2.313: CONTRACTS:
   A.   The Mayor shall have the power and duty to approve and execute, by signature, all contracts of, or on behalf of, the City, subject only to approval as to form by the City Attorney's Office in accord with section 1.2.404 of this article.
   B.   It shall be the Mayor's duty to ensure that all City contracts are procured in compliance with the requirements of this Code and any related rules and regulations approved by City Council.
   C.   The Mayor shall see that the terms and conditions imposed in favor of the City, and in the best interests of the citizens, in any contract or agreements be faithfully kept and fully performed. Upon knowledge of any violation of a contract or agreement, the Mayor shall make a report to the City Attorney.
   D.   The Mayor may delegate, by administrative regulation, the Mayor's signatory authority for the approval and execution of contracts to the Mayoral appointees where the contractual matters fall within their area of responsibility. With the Mayor's prior approval, the Mayoral appointees may further delegate signatory authority for those purposes authorized by the Mayor.
   E.   No City contract shall be approved or executed under this section unless and until sufficient funds have been appropriated by the City Council and are available for the contract. (Ord. 11-18)