Police Department
   32.01   Chief of Police
   32.02   Attendance at Board meetings
   32.03   Composition and organization
   32.04   Police officers to preserve law and order
   32.05   Enforcement of ordinances
   32.06   Police officers subject to Chief’s orders
   32.07   Police to wear uniforms and be armed
   32.08   Arrest and authority
   32.09   Police offices may require assistance in making arrests
   32.10   Disposition of persons arrested
   32.11   Police Department records
Police Reserves
   32.25   Established
   32.26   Maximum complement
   32.27   Member’s compensation; no fringe benefits
   32.28   Appointment of members
   32.29   Qualification of membership
   32.30   Conditions precedent to entering upon duties
   32.31   Chief of Police to command
   32.32   Either the Town or member may terminate service
   32.33   Town will not furnish uniforms
   32.34   Members to carry identification cards
   32.35   Rules and regulations to be prescribed by Chief of Police
   32.36   Chief of Police to fix specific duties
   32.37   To be armed only on order of Chief of Police
   32.38   Forcible entry by members listed
   32.39   Powers of arrest
   32.40   Impersonation of reserve officer; violation of ordinance