§ 392.06 Enforcement
   (a)   The City of Cleveland's Chief of Fire and the Director of Building and Housing or their designees shall have concurrent jurisdiction to conduct inspections to determine compliance with this chapter and to enforce its provisions.
   (b)   Any notice of violation issued to enforce the requirements of this chapter shall, at a minimum, require compliance with its provisions within seventy-two (72) hours of the issuance of the notice. If a notice of violation is issued for a violation discovered subsequent to a fire or carbon monoxide gas leak and the dwelling unit was rendered uninhabitable by the fire or carbon monoxide gas leak, then the violation notice shall require compliance with the provisions of this chapter prior to the re-occupancy of the dwelling unit.
   (c)   No owner or occupant shall refuse to allow inspection at reasonable times of any dwelling unit by a duly authorized City inspector.
   (d)   The means of enforcement authorized by this section shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any other means of enforcement that may be authorized by these Codified Ordinances or by statute.
(Ord. No. 1528-15. Passed 5-9-16, eff. 5-10-16)