§ 3143.01 Definitions
   (a)   "Substantial structure" means any structure of any construction type or use that is five (5) stories or seventy-five (75) feet above grade, whichever is shorter, at any point along its perimeter.
   (b)   "Protected distance" means the horizontal distance measured perpendicular from any substantial structure to a public way, public land, other structure or adjoining property.
   (c)   "Qualified inspector" means either of the following: (1) a design professional certified in inspection of the specific elements that make up the facade of the structure, and licensed by the State of Ohio; or (2) a special inspector or inspection agency accredited and experienced in the specific type of structure being inspected, and qualified under the Ohio Building Code for special inspectors.
(Ord. No. 1533-15. Passed 4-4-16, eff. 6-6-16; Am. Ord. No. 326-18. Passed 4-2-18, eff. 4-3-18)