§ 643.13 Assurances that Violations Will Cease
   (a)   In lieu of instituting or continuing an action pursuant to this Code, the Director may accept written assurance of discontinuance of any act or practice in violation of this Code from the person or persons who have engaged in such acts or practices. Such assurance may include stipulation for payment by the violator for the costs of investigation by the Director and may also include a stipulation for the restitution by the violator to the consumers of money, property or other things received from them in connection with a violation of this Code, including money necessarily expended in the course of making and pursuing a complaint to the Director. All settlements shall be made a matter of public record.
   (b)   Violation of an assurance entered into pursuant to this section shall be treated as a violation of this Code, and shall be subject to all the penalties provided therefor.
(Ord. No. 729-72. Passed 6-26-72, eff. 6-29-72)