§ 559.58  Regulations Governing Bicycles and Tricycles
   Bicycles and tricycles shall possess all the rights and privileges now accorded to carriages drawn by horses and shall strictly comply with all rules of the road, and in addition thereto will be subject to the following rules and regulations:
   (a)   Every bicycle shall be provided with a gong or bell which shall be sounded upon the approach to any person or vehicle or the crossing of any street, driveway, footpath or bridle path. Every bicycle shall also be provided with a lamp which shall be kept lighted during hours of darkness.
   (b)   Bicycles shall not be stacked within ten (10) feet of the driveways, although wheelmen may rest them at proper times and places.
   (c)   Not more than two (2) bicycles shall be ridden abreast.
   (d)   Riding crosswise of the drives and curving to and fro are prohibited.
   (e)   Coasting is prohibited, except on safety bicycles provided with brakes, but the rider must not remove his or her hands from the handles of his or her machine.
   (f)   Wheelmen must follow the ordinary rules of the road. In meeting an opposing vehicle they must pass on the right-hand side. In passing a vehicle moving in the same direction they must pass on the lefthand side. Speed is restricted to eight (8) miles per hour.
   (g)   In case a wheelman meets or overtakes any horse which may become restive, such wheelman shall take every precaution by dismounting or otherwise, to prevent danger or accident.
   (h)   When a wheelman is unable to ride the various hills or roadways in the parks, he or she must dismount and push his or her machine up the adjoining footpath, until a suitable level is reached, where he or she may remount and proceed in the driveway.