557.01   Definitions
557.02   Certificates and Agreements for Purchase
557.03   Designation of Burial Areas
557.04   Hours
557.05   Speed Limit
557.06   Plat Required; Contents; Approval
557.07   Lot Prices
557.08   Items Determining Lot Prices
557.09   Lot Prices on Cemeteries Hereafter Acquired
557.10   Last Cost Determined and Apportioned
557.11   Endowment Cost
557.12   Sale of Lots or Burial Sites
557.13   Purchase of Lots on Deferred Payments
557.14   Certificate of Purchase Issued after Payment in Full
557.15   Transfer or Assignment of Lots
557.16   Rights Conveyed in Certificate of Purchase
557.17   Right of Cancellation
557.18   Cleveland City Cemetery Endowment Fund
557.19   Contributions to Fund by Owners of Lots Previously Sold
557.20   Annual Payments from Trust Funds
557.21   Trust Funds Deposited in City Cemetery Endowment Fund
557.22   Funds for Additional Care of Beautification
557.23   Cemetery Operating Fund
557.24   Appropriations from General Fund to Cemetery Operating Fund
557.25   Plan of Mausoleums
557.26   Vaults or Crypts for Temporary Use
557.27   Schedule of Mausoleum Prices
557.28   Determination of Crypt or Niche Price
557.29   Provisions for Mausoleum Sales
557.30   Disposition of Mausoleum Endowment Cost
557.31   Plats, Plans and Records
557.32   Distribution of Payments on Lots and Crypts
557.33   Charges for Services
557.34   Rules and Regulations
557.35   Determining Costs of Mausoleums
557.36   Power to Decrease Prices
557.37   Earnings from Mausoleums, etc. to Operating Fund
557.38   Repurchase of Graves
557.39   Reserved
557.40   Special Services
557.99   Penalty – Repealed
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Location of cemeteries restricted, CO 347.04
Statutory reference:
   Burial permits, RC 3705.24 et seq.
   Cemetery Endowment Fund, RC 759.12, 759.15
   General provisions and regulations, RC Ch. 759
   Management and control, RC 759.09