§ 3117.03 Design, Construction and Maintenance Requirements
   The Commissioner shall not issue a permit to construct, install, alter or remodel any private swimming pool, unless the following design and construction requirements are observed. Private swimming pools shall be constructed or installed or maintained in conformity with the following requirements. For private swimming pools already in existence, the Commissioner shall furnish the owner with a program of improvements and additions which shall be carried out over a period of one (1) year after notice, in order to comply with the requirements of this Building Code. However, permanent pools heretofore constructed shall be exempt from the requirement of subsection (g) hereof and may be exempted from the other requirements of this section when approved by the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals as being substantially in compliance with such other requirements of this section.
   (a)   There shall be an air gap or syphon breaker on the water supply line to the pool.
   (b)   There shall be an overflow from the pool to the sewer.
   (c)   A proper drain to the sewer shall be installed at the lowest part of the pool. This drain may operate either by gravity or by the use of a pump.
   (d)   The requirements of subsections (b) and (c) hereof shall be waived for a semipermanent pool located entirely above ground level whenever there is provided a means of completely draining such pool to a public sewer by the use of suitable gravity, syphon or pumping equipment.
   (e)   All plumbing shall meet Plumbing Code requirements.
   (f)   The construction or design of the walls shall be in accord with accepted engineering practice.
   (g)   The outdoor pool area shall be fenced in by an approved type of fence at least four (4) feet high, and if the fence or barricade is around the pool, it shall be located at least ten (10) feet from the edge of the pool. Such fence or barricade shall have a self-closing gate or door with facilities for locking the gate or door at all times when the pool is unguarded, unattended or not in actual use. In lieu of maintaining a fence or barricade, a semi-permanent pool located entirely above ground level may be protected, when not in use, with a secure pool cover or other protective device approved by the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals as providing protection equivalent to a fence. Where such cover or other protective device is used in lieu of a fence, a competent person shall be on hand at all times while the pool is in use.
   (h)   The pool shall not be located less than ten (10) feet from any property line.
   (i)   The pool shall be equipped with a filtration system capable of providing at least two (2) turn-overs in twenty-four (24) hours.
   (j)   No artificial lighting shall be maintained or operated in connection with private swimming pools which illuminates in such manner that a bulb or tube is visible from outside the premises.
   (k)   The owner or person in control of every private swimming pool shall be responsible to maintain such pool in such condition as to prevent breaks in the pool construction causing water from pool overflowing into adjacent public or private property.
   (l)   All interior pools shall have adequate heating, exhaust and ventilation and in all cases the quantity of the exhaust shall be greater than that of supply or other adequate means of moisture control to preclude condensation damage.