§ 3117.02 Application Data and Plans
   (a)   Application for the construction, installation or alteration and maintenance of a private swimming pool shall be made to the Commissioner by the owner, person in control of the property or by the contractor who will construct or install such swimming pool.
   (b)   The application shall be accompanied by duplicate sets of plans, specifications and pertinent explanatory data which shall include the following plans and information, as well as such other data which may be reasonably requested by the Commissioner.
      (1)   Plans shall be drawn to a scale of not less than one-eighth (1/8) inch per foot, indicating all materials and methods of construction and indicating all dimensions, including the length, width and depth of the pool and width of the pool deck or walk ways;
      (2)   A plot plan showing position of pool in relation to buildings and lot lines. If the pool is not permanently fixed, the plot plan shall show the approximate location or locations in which the pool is to be placed;
      (3)   Pipe diagrams showing size of all permanent pipes, inlets, outlets, waste and discharge lines, circulation and other piping. Where temporary piping or hose lines are used for filling or draining, explanatory data shall be supplied giving the equipment, methods and procedures to be used;
      (4)   The liquid capacity of the pool;
      (5)   The kind, number and size of filters;
      (6)   Top capacity of filters in gallons per minute;
      (7)   The method of disinfection and bactericidal treatment to be used;
      (8)   The type and range of water testing equipment;
      (9)   The type, design and location of enclosing fence and gate;
      (10)   Description and plan of lighting facilities;
      (11)   Description and plan of heating, exhaust and ventilation for interior pools.
   (c)   No permit shall be issued by the Commissioner of Building and Housing until the application has been submitted to and approved by the Commissioner of Health in regard to subsections (b)(7) and (8) hereof.