§ 349.11 Exceptions
   (a)   In the Central Business District, as defined in Section 325.12 or as subsequently amended, the off- street parking requirements set forth in Sections 349.04 and 349.10 shall not apply.
   (b)   Any person or group or combination of business, commercial or industrial organizations which has a comprehensive plan for the development, redevelopment or rehabilitation of existing or proposed facilities encompassed within a contiguous area shall be considered as a unit for the purpose of the application of the off-street parking requirements set forth herein.
   The group shall submit a plan to the Off-Street Parking Committee indicating that the combined parking facilities by all of the components of the plan substantially meet the intent of the minimum standards required herein. The plan shall set forth in detail:
      (1)   The area which encompasses the rehabilitation, redevelopment or development;
      (2)   The existing or proposed use of each existing or proposed structure;
      (3)   The schedule of the rehabilitation or construction of the structures;
      (4)   Any duplication of off-street parking requirements as applied to the plan;
      (5)   A proposal for the joint use and sharing of off-street parking facilities. The proposal shall designate the location of the facilities to be shared and shall indicate the period of usage so as to show no conflict in usage by those sharing the facilities.
   (c)   Any plan submitted to the Planning Commission for its approval in accordance with the Charter, which outlines and complies with the standards set forth in subsection (b) hereof, shall be considered as having met the off-street parking requirements of the City.
(Ord. No. 1236-A-67. Passed 6-28-71, eff. 7-2-71)