92.00   Interment
   92.01   Sale of use license for cemetery lots
   92.02   Improvements
   92.03   Orders for grave openings
   92.04   Manner of opening and closing graves
   92.05   Plot elevation to conform to curb line
   92.06   Permission required to dig up, excavate, or remove soil or foliage from cemetery
   92.07   Grave markers and monuments
   92.08   Loud or disturbing conduct; disrupting funeral services
   92.09   Speed of vehicles; vehicles restricted
   92.10   Curfew hours
   92.11   Animals
   92.12   Grave liners
   92.13   Establishing authority to select an authorized contractor for cemetery interments
   92.14   Responsibility for loss or damage
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate cemeteries, see G.S. §§ 160A-341 through 160A-348