(A)   All persons desiring to purchase a use license for cemetery lots in the town cemeteries shall apply to the Cemetery Official, as appointed by the Town Manager, who, upon approval and payment of the price fixed for each cemetery lot, shall cause the use license therefore to be executed to the purchaser. Under no condition shall a use license for a cemetery lot be issued to purchaser nor shall an Interment Authorization be issued until the purchase price is paid in full and approval is given by the Cemetery Official.
   (B)   No person who purchases a use license for any cemetery lot in a town cemetery shall thereafter convey or alienate the use license to any other person for a greater consideration than originally paid for the use license. To transfer a use license, the original purchaser must complete a transfer of cemetery lot form. The transfer of cemetery lot form must be approved by the Cemetery Official. Further, the transfer of use rights for a cemetery lot shall be complete when (a) a transfer of cemetery lot form is executed by the transferring party and approved by the Cemetery Official and (b) a use license for the lot is issued to the transferee by the Cemetery Official. Each use license executed shall contain language that the use rights are conveyed subject to this section and any amendments thereto.
   (C)   All persons desiring to purchase cemetery lots on an installment basis will be subject to the following: Each purchase will require a minimum payment of one lot with the balance for any additional lots due on or before June 30 following the purchase. A contract for purchase must be executed by the purchaser and the town detailing price, term and payment due dates. Any grave sites not paid in full will revert to the town with no refunds being granted. Hardship cases will be determined by the Town Manager or his designee. As stipulated in division (A) of this section, no burials will take place and no licenses will be issued without payment in full.
   (D)   The purchase price shall include an amount sufficient for the town to place a basic permanent marker of town specifications at the foot of each occupied cemetery lot for the sole purpose of ensuring all cemetery lots are duly identified. For cemetery lots purchased prior to September 4, 2012, a deposit shall be collected at the time Interment Authorization is requested.
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