Article I. Incorporation, Corporate Powers and Boundaries
   1.1   Incorporation
   1.2   Powers
   1.3   Corporate limits
Article II. Governing Body
   2.1   Mayor and Council
   2.2   Council; composition; terms of office
   2.3   Mayor; term of office; duties
   2.4   Mayor Pro Tempore
   2.5   Meetings
   2.6   Voting requirements; quorum
   2.7   Compensation; qualifications for office; vacancies
Article III. Elections
   3.1   Regular municipal elections
   3.2   Election of Councilmembers
   3.3   Election of Mayor
   3.4   Special elections and referendums
Article IV. Organization and Administration
   4.1   Form of government
   4.2   Town Manager
   4.3   Town Clerk
   4.4   Tax Collector
   4.5   Town Finance Officer
   4.6   Town Attorney
   4.7   Other administrative officers and employees
Article V. Special Assessment Provisions
   5.1   Assessment for street improvements; petition unnecessary
   5.2   Assessment for sidewalk improvement; petition unnecessary
   5.3   Procedure; effect of assessments