General Provisions
   91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Running at large
   91.03   Animals causing public nuisance
   91.04   Stray animals; disposition
   91.05   Keeping of livestock, fowl and non- domesticated animals prohibited
   91.06   Sale of young chickens, ducklings, or rabbits
   91.07   Disposal of animal carcasses
   91.08   Bird sanctuary
   91.09   Urban archery season for the legal harvesting of deer
Dogs, Cats and Other Animals
   91.20   Running at large
   91.21   Keeping stray animals
   91.22   Number of dogs, cats and other animals permitted on premises
   91.23   Confinement of female animals in heat
   91.24   Barking dog
   91.25   Responsibility of owners
   91.26   Humane shelter and adequate care required
   91.27   Poisoning, maiming, or abandoning dogs prohibited
   91.28   Animal bites
   91.29   Dog owner responsibility
   91.30   Dangerous dogs
Impoundment and Disposition
   91.50   Impoundment; notice to owner
   91.51   Periods of impoundment
   91.52   Redemption of impounded animals
   91.53   Disposition of unredeemed animals
   91.54   Summary destruction of animals for humane reasons
Animal Establishments; Standards and Licensing
   91.65   Pet shops
   91.66   Kennels
   91.67   Catteries
   91.68   Holding facilities; conditions
   91.69   Trainers of attack and security dogs
Division of Animal Control
   91.75   Created; composition
   91.76   Responsibilities
   91.77   Personal liability of municipal officers, agents
   91.78   Members to have power, authority, and immunity of peace officers
   91.79   Identification; firearms
   91.98   Violations; notice of violations
   91.99   Penalty