General Provisions
   71.001   Driving on right side of roadway required; exceptions
   71.002   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   71.003   Following too closely
   71.004   Following fire apparatus prohibited
   71.005   Crossing fire hose
   71.006   Driving through funeral or other procession prohibited; exceptions
   71.007   Drivers in a procession
   71.008   Funeral processions to be identified
   71.009   Driving of vehicles on sidewalk prohibited; exception
   71.010   Limitations on backing vehicle
   71.011   Clinging to vehicles prohibited
   71.012   Entering and leaving controlled access highways
   71.013   Reckless driving
   71.014   Careless or negligent driving, stopping, or parking
   71.015   Requirement of any person driving a vehicle on a public way to operate same in a careful and prudent manner
   71.016   Driving while under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substance
   71.017   Person under 21 driving under the influence
   71.018   Attention to driving required
   71.018A   Texting while driving
   71.019   Speed contest prohibited
   71.020   Authorization required for parades and processions
   71.021   Driving through safety zone
   71.022   Starting parked vehicle
   71.023   Opening and closing vehicle doors
   71.024   Obstructions to driver's view or driving mechanism
   71.025   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.026   Unlawful riding
   71.027   Private service drives
   71.028   Eluding police officer prohibited
   71.029   Designation of truck routes
   71.030   Loads on vehicles
   71.031   Vehicle approaching or entering intersection
   71.032   Vehicle turning left at intersection
   71.033   Vehicle approaching a “yield right-of-way” sign
   71.034   Vehicle entering through highway
   71.035   Vehicles facing stop, slow, warning or caution signal
   71.036   Through streets
   71.037   Intersections where stop or yield required
   71.038   Stop or yield sign construction and placement
   71.039   Vehicle entering stop intersection
   71.040   Vehicle entering yield intersection
   71.041   Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway
   71.042   Vehicles entering traffic from parking
   71.043   Emerging from alley, driveway, or building
   71.044   Stop when traffic obstructed
   71.045   Obedience to signal indicating approach of train
   71.046   Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad grade crossings
   71.047   Push carts, riding animals, or driving animal drawn vehicles to comply with code
   71.048   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.049   Notification of runs by emergency vehicles
   71.050   Persons working on streets; exceptions
   71.051   Maintenance and construction zones
   71.052   Authorized emergency vehicles
   71.053   Accident; duty to stop
   71.054   Requiring operator's or owner's security verification form
Lane Changing and Passing
   71.060   Changing lanes
   71.061   When overtaking on the right is permitted
   71.062   Overtaking a vehicle on the left
   71.063   Limitations on overtaking on the left; exception
   71.064   Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
   71.065   No passing zones
   71.066   Overtaking and passing in school zones
   71.067   Overtaking and passing school bus
Turning Movements
   71.080   Turning markers or indicators
   71.081   Designation of restricted turns
   71.082   Obedience to no-turn signs
   71.083   U-turns
   71.084   Position and method of turning
   71.085   Turning movements and required signals
   71.086   Means of giving turn signals
   71.087   Method of giving hand and arm signals
   71.088   Turns into or from alleys
   71.100   Possession of valid driver's license required
   71.101   Operation of vehicle on invalid license prohibited
   71.102   Unlawful to operate vehicle without state vehicle license
   71.103   Permitting unauthorized person to drive prohibited
Speed Regulations
   71.115   Speed limits generally; exceptions
   71.116   School zones
   71.117   Speed never to exceed that which is reasonable or prudent for existing conditions
   71.118   Minimum speed requirements; exception
   71.119   Obedience to maximum and minimum speed limits
Vehicle Equipment
   71.130   Certain vehicles prohibited; vehicles injurious to streets
   71.131   Obstructive and dangerous vehicles
   71.132   Equipment
   71.133   Mufflers; cut-outs
   71.134   Width, height, length, and load
   71.135   Use of certain vehicle brakes prohibited
   71.150   Pedestrians subject to traffic-control signals
   71.151   Pedestrians' right-of-way at crosswalks
   71.152   Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalk
   71.153   Crossing at right angles
   71.154   When pedestrians shall yield
   71.155   Pedestrians walking along roadways
   71.156   Pedestrians prohibited from soliciting rides, business or donations from vehicle occupants
   71.157   Drivers to exercise due care
   71.158   Crossing prohibited
   71.159   Obedience of pedestrians to railroad signals
   71.999   Penalty
   Citation procedure, see §§ 70.30 et seq.
   Seat belt and child restraint regulations, see §§ 70.13 and 70.14
   Observance of traffic-control devices, see §§ 70.50 et seq.