General Provisions
   72.01   Illegal parking declared public nuisance
   72.02   Application of standing or parking regulations
   72.03   Parking time limits may be established; signs
   72.04   Handicapped parking; enforcement on public or private property
   72.05   Parking more than 24 hours
   72.06   Brakes; motor not to be left running
   72.07   Signs or markings indicating angle parking
   72.08   Obedience to angle-parking signs or markings
   72.09   Parking in spaces marked off
   72.10   Permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb
   72.11   Hazardous or congested places; stopping, standing, and parking
   72.12   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places
   72.13   Blocking of intersection or crosswalk prohibited
   72.14   Standing or parking on one-way roadway
   72.15   Standing or parking on left side of one-way streets
   72.16   Parking adjacent to schools
   72.17   Parking prohibited at intersections
   72.18   Parking in alleys; blocking driveways
   72.19   Entry on private property; trespass; evidence; burden of proof
   72.20   Truck parking prohibited
   72.21   Double parking
   72.22   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   72.23   Method of parking; standing or parking close to curb
   72.24   Negligent parking
   72.25   Right-of-way to parallel parking space
   72.26   Unlawful to park in a public park other than for park purposes
   72.27   Unlawful to abandon vehicle
   72.28   Off-street parking
Loading and Unloading
   72.35   Definitions
   72.36   Curb loading zones; designation
   72.37   Loading zones to be used only for designated purpose
   72.38   Stopping, standing, or parking in passenger curb loading zone
   72.39   Stopping, standing, or parking in freight curb loading zone
   72.40   Designation of public carrier stops and stands
   72.41   Use of bus and taxicab stands restricted
   72.42   Stopping, standing, and parking of buses and taxis
Impoundment of Vehicles
   72.60   Purpose
   72.61   Place of impoundment
   72.62   Duration of impoundment
   72.63   Police granted authority to impound vehicles
   72.64   Disabled vehicles
   72.65   Vehicles on bridge
   72.66   Arrest and detention of driver of vehicle
   72.67   Vehicle constitutes traffic hazard
   72.68   Illegal trespass by vehicle
   72.69   Vehicles parked overtime
   72.70   Vehicles blocking fire exits or hydrants
   72.71   Vehicles parked in intersection
   72.72   Stolen vehicles; recovery by police
   72.99   Penalty
   Citation procedure, see §§ 70.30 et seq.
   Careless or negligent driving, stopping or  parking, see § 71.014