Chapter 2.20
   For statutory provisions regarding biennial elections in cities and towns, see RCM § 11-709; for provisions regarding registration of voters, see RCM § 11-715; for provisions regarding election judges and clerks, see RCM § 11-717; for other general election provisions, see RCM Title 23, Chs. 21—41.
2.20.010   Purpose—Application.
2.20.020   Certificate of nomination.
2.20.030   Certificate of nomination—Contents—Filing.
2.20.040   Certificate of nomination—One person, one office only.
2.20.050   Certificate of nomination—Preserved for one year.
2.20.060   Certificate of nomination—Filing fee.
2.20.070   Certificate of nomination—Filing fee schedule.
2.20.080   Declination of nomination.
2.20.090   Vacancies—Filled by further certificates.
2.20.100   Correction of errors.
2.20.110   Interference unlawful.
2.20.120   Election establishment—Authority.