Chapter 2.24*
   For statutory provisions regarding sick leave for all employees of the state, or any county or city thereof, see RCM § 59-1008.
2.24.010   Definitions.
2.24.020   Exemptions from regulations.
2.24.030   Annual vacation leave—Computation.
2.24.040   Accumulation of leave—Limit.
2.24.050   Vacation leave accrual—Employment termination, transfer.
2.24.060   Vacation leave accrual—During leave of absence
2.24.070   Vacation leave accrual—Absence chargeable against, when.
2.24.080   Vacation leave—Arrangement with employer.
2.24.090   Sick leave—Computation.
2.24.100   Sick leave—Accrual during absence—Qualifying period.
2.24.110   Sick leave—Part-time employees—Prorated.
2.24.120   Sick leave—Full-time temporary and seasonal employees.
2.24.130   Sick leave accrual—Employment termination-Employment transfer.
2.24.140   Rehiring of employee by city—Nontransferability of compensated sick leave accrual.
2.24.150   Administrative office—Administration of sick leave.
2.24.160   Sick leave—Abuse.
2.24.170   Legal holiday.
2.24.180   Juror allowance—Remittance to employer—When.
2.24.190   Witness fees—Remittance to employer—When.
2.24.200   Jury duty—Employer request to excuse employee—When.
2.24.210   Implementation regulations.