6-10-020 Definitions.
   Whenever used in this chapter:
   "Age" means chronological age of not less than 40 years.
   "Applicant" means any person pursuing employment with an employer or with or through an employment agency.
   "Arrest record" means: (1) an arrest not leading to a conviction; (2) a juvenile record; or (3) criminal history record information ordered, expunged, sealed, or impounded under Section 5.2 of the Criminal Identification Act
   "Commission" means the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.
   "Conviction record" means information indicating that a person has been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or other criminal offense, placed on probation, fined, imprisoned, or paroled by a court of any jurisdiction pursuant to any law enforcement or military authority.
   "Credit history" means a record of an individual's past borrowing and repaying, including information about late payments and bankruptcy.
   "Credit report" means any written or other communication of any information by a consumer reporting agency that bears on a consumer's creditworthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, or credit history.
   "Credit transaction" means the grant, denial, extension, or termination of credit to an individual.
   "Disability" means:
      (i)   a determinable physical or mental characteristic which may result from disease, injury, congenital condition of birth or functional disorder including, but not limited to, a determinable physical characteristic which necessitates a person's use of a guide, hearing, or support dog; or
      (ii)   the history of such a characteristic; or
      (iii)   the perception of such a characteristic by the person complained against.
   "Employee" means an individual who is engaged to work within the geographical boundaries of the City of Chicago for or under the direction and control of another for monetary or other valuable consideration.
   "Employer" means any individual, partnership, association, corporation, limited liability company, business trust, or any person or group of persons that provides employment for one or more employees in the current or preceding calendar year, and any agent of such an entity or person. To qualify as an employer for purposes of Section 6-10-054, such individual, group, or entity must: (1) be subject to one or more of the license requirements in Title 4 of this Code; or (2) maintain a business facility within the geographic boundaries of the City; or (3) both (1) and (2). The City of Chicago qualifies as an employer for purposes of Section 6-10-054.
   "Employment" means any occupation or vocation.
   "Employment agency" means a person that undertakes to procure employees or opportunities to work for potential employees, either through interviews, referrals, advertising, or any combination thereof.
   "Gender identity" means the actual or perceived appearance, expression, identity, or behavior of a person as being male or female, whether or not that appearance, expression, identity, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's designated sex at birth.
   "Marital status" means the legal status of being single, married, divorced, separated, or widowed.
   "Military status" means (1) being on active duty in, or in any reserve component of, any branch of the armed forces of the United States, the State of Illinois, or any other state; (2) being a veteran of any such branch of the armed forces; or (3) the fact of discharge from any such branch of the armed forces and the reasons for such discharge.
   "Parental status" means the status of living with one or more dependent minor or disabled children.
   "Public accommodation" means a place, business establishment, or agency that sells, leases, provides or offers any product, facility, or service to the general public, regardless of ownership or operation (i) by a public body or agency; (ii) for or without regard to profit; or (iii) for a fee or not for a fee. An institution, club, association, or other place of accommodation which has more than 400 members, and provides regular meal service and regularly receives payment for dues, fees, accommodations, facilities, or services from or on behalf of nonmembers for the furtherance of trade or business shall be considered a place of public accommodation for purposes of this chapter.
   "Religion" means all aspects of religious observance and practice, as well as belief, except that with respect to employers "religion" has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 6-10-050.
   "Sexual orientation" means a person's actual or perceived sexual and emotional attraction, or lack thereof, to another person.
   "Sexual harassment" means any (i) unwelcome sexual advances or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature; or (ii) requests for sexual favors or conduct of a sexual nature when (1) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment, or (2) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for any employment decision affecting the individual, or (3) such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment; or (iii) sexual misconduct, which means any behavior of a sexual nature which also involves coercion, abuse of authority, or misuse of an individual's employment position.
   "Source of income" means the lawful manner by which individuals support themselves and their dependents.
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