17-15-0400  Nonconforming Developments.
   17-15-0401 Definition. A nonconforming development is any aspect of a development – other than a nonconforming lot, nonconforming use or nonconforming sign – that was lawfully established, in accordance with zoning regulations in effect at the time of its establishment but that no longer complies with one or more standards of this Zoning Ordinance. Common examples of nonconforming developments are buildings that do not comply with current setback or height standards, off-street parking or loading areas that contain fewer spaces than required by current standards or sites that do not comply with current landscaping standards.
   17-15-0402 Continuation.Nonconforming developments may remain, subject to the regulations of this section.
   17-15-0403 Alterations and Enlargements.
      17-15-0403-A Unless otherwise expressly stated in this Zoning Ordinance, nonconforming developments may be altered or enlarged as long as the alteration or enlargement does not increase the extent of nonconformity. A building addition to an existing nonconforming development that projects further into a required setback or further above the permitted maximum height is an example of increasing the extent of nonconformity. Upper-story building additions that vertically extend existing building walls that are nonconforming with regard to front or side setback requirements will also be considered to increase the extent of nonconformity. Upper-story building additions that vertically or horizontally extend an existing building wall that is nonconforming with regard to rear yard open space or rear setback requirements will not be considered to increase the degree of nonconformity, provided that the original building was constructed before the effective dates specified in Sec. 17-1-0200 and provided such upper-story addition is set back at least 30 feet from the rear property line.
      17-15-0403-B Existing, nonconforming rear porches may be restored or reconstructed provided that the construction does not increase the extent of the nonconforming as per Section 17-15-0403-A: adequate documentation (e.g., photographs, survey) that illustrates the size, form and location of the existing porch is submitted for review; and the construction is required by the Municipal Code or court finding, or is determined necessary by the property owner for the safety of a building's occupants and users.
   17-15-0404 Damage or Destruction.
      17-15-0404-A When a structure with nonconforming elements is removed or intentionally destroyed, re-establishment of the nonconforming elements is prohibited.
      17-15-0404-B When a structure with nonconforming elements is partially damaged or totally destroyed by fire or other causes beyond the control of the property owner, the structure may be rebuilt, provided that such rebuilding does not result in a building that is more out of compliance than the building being replaced and provided that a building permit to replace the structure is obtained within 18 months of the date of damage or destruction.
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