16-8-140  Criteria for prioritization of projects.
   Priority will be given to projects that:
   (a)   directly facilitate or enable the construction of a facility for a specific new or expanding industrial use;
   (b)   create or retain jobs for city residents;
   (c)   eliminate severe, long-term barriers to reuse of vacant or underutilized industrial land and facilities, such as environmental contamination;
   (d)   are located in areas targeted for investment by the department in its economic development strategy;
   (e)   commit to hiring residents of qualified investment areas, as defined in Sec. 16-14-020;
   (f)   show a clear path to financial closing and construction start; and
   (g)   are economically viable and sustainable.
(Added Coun. J. 7-26-17, p. 53898, § 1)