16-8-120  Use of funds.
   The Industrial Corridor System Fund may be used for the following costs when they are necessary or desirable for the preservation, development and/or growth of industrial uses in receiving corridors:
   (a)   costs to acquire land and buildings;
   (b)   costs for environmental site assessment and remediation;
   (c)   costs to demolish substandard, obsolete, or vacant buildings;
   (d)   costs to rehabilitate or repurpose underutilized or out-of-date industrial buildings;
   (e)   costs to provide key support infrastructure; and
   (f)   administrative, reporting, and monitoring costs and expenses of the Industrial Corridor System Fund, provided such costs and expenses may not exceed 5% of the Fund.
(Added Coun. J. 7-26-17, p. 53898, § 1)